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Sunday 4th August 2024
Stafford Showground
Sunday 11th August 2024
Sandown Park
Saturday 7th September 2024
Turn your Cash into Toys

Looking to Buy?

Get up close and personal with thousands of toys and models at a toy fair near you.

Whether you are adding to your collection, or just browsing for something that takes your fancy, the fairs are a great place to visit.

Sellers from all over the country (many of them collectors turning some surplus items from their own collection into cash) bring all kinds of new and second-hand items to the fairs.

If you are looking for valuable collectables, then being able to actually see and hold an item is so important. Thereís nothing to beat physically seeing a piece before you buy it.

The stallholders at toy fairs donít have the hefty overheads that shop owners do, so can often sell models for bargain prices.

Itís worth bringing cash with you if you can, as many of the people selling are enthusiasts who donít takecard payments (plus thereís always the chance of a striking a good deal for pound notes!)

The fairs always have a friendly atmosphere and are a great place to get tips and advice about collecting. Stallholders are usually very knowledgeable about what they are selling, so if you have any questions, just ask Ė most will be keen to chat about their hobby.

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